Hey guys,
My name is Kapil and I have been working as a freelancer for the last 4 years. I can perfrom SEO, Social media, Article writing, Forum Posting, Classified ad posting, Social media marketing, Youtube video creation and promotion, Data entry, Web Research, Keyword Research, Documents, PDF to MS Word, Image to MS Word, Image to Text, Link building, Online Search, Office Documents (PowerPoint, Excel, Word etc.), any type data entry task and any specific Task according to your instruction.

This Pandemic has taken away almost all of my work. So, this is my request that if anybody need any of the above mentioned service or do you have any task related to them then please message me here. I really need some work and hope you people would help me in getting some work for me.

Thanks and Regard

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Hello, could you please specify the websites for frrelancing ?

Hi Kapil!

Sorry to hear about that. The pandemic has been so hard on so many different people. You might wish to check out our People Match which can match people looking for a job with those who are hiring.

I also recommend you sign up with Upwork, if you haven't already.

All the best of luck to you!!

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I already have an upwork profile but at this time its very hard to find any for the beginners. I can give you a little tip first makes your profile professional as much as it can make unique bio then the most important thing "Reviews" you can get fake reviews by your friends and family so they can help you for the start up and make your profile good as enough.

Hello Kapil,

As I suggest you in a very simple word. Make your professional account on most popular freelancing site fiverr and I am sure you will get work from there.

Hello Kapil,
I suggest you to create account on freelancing platforms like Fiverr Upwork etc.

go for freelancing websites and sale your skills

I know that experience is important, but it's worth thinking about how much additional material is needed.

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