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Blesta lists as one of the prominent cPanel add-ons employed for billing and client profile management. With its remarkable build, this add-on becomes a high-end solution in conducting these tasks.

But more than just its notable features, the company also offers a comprehensive support system that satisfied numerous users. This allows clients to offer great solutions in extending support system to everyone using the plugin, which satisfies clients signing up for their package.

How people send inquiries

This plugin is built to support two ways of offering support system for customers. Clients have their own preferences when it comes to sending tickets or inquiries about server problems. Blesta offers the following support system:

Ajax-powered ticket system

An intuitive and user-friendly ajax-powered ticket system is accessible at the Clients Area, which is readily available with the add-on. They can send in trouble tickets via this system and make it accessible to the company’s support team.

Email system

In case clients are not into their Client Area, they can still send an email. Blesta supports IPOP and IMAP protocols. Email piping is available and works in sending emails for inquiries.

Taking advantage of this system is beneficial for companies offering server services because customers will love the fact that their host providers have different support platforms that match their preferences.

How tickets are processed

Blesta is also built using an intelligent system, which makes ticket management more organized. The ticket and email inquiry system satisfy clients, but the ticket management system is something designed for the support team. Integrating this special design allows support team to provide remarkable support services for customers, which leads to receiving thumbs ups from current clients.

The intelligent system offers the following features to make sure the staff support can offer their services to clients.

Tickets will be placed in queue

This support system supports organized ticket reception system. Once sent, the received tickets will be distributed to the right departments assigned by the company. They will be set in queue and ready for the support staff to answer or deal with.

Ticket marking

Tickets are marked accordingly to ensure the critical tickets will be dealt with immediately while the low-priority ones can wait for a while. Aside from marking priority tickets, they are also marked as new or updated inquiries. Knowing the tickets answered and priorities will help staff support clients in terms of their questions.

Dedicated support staff dashboard

The Client Area where users send their tickets is easy to use. However, the support team will like its dedicated support team dashboard. The ticket dashboard can be set in full screen, which makes it possible for them to read and answer questions conveniently.


Blesta is a plugin and some host providers already have their own ticket and customer support system. Fortunately, Blesta developers make it possible for clients to uninstall Blesta to avoid incompatibility or inconsistency issues that may arise in using this system.

Overall, Blesta is one of a kind add-on that redefines the way of providing support for clients. If you’re into the business, you may want to look up this add on to get all your needed billing and support system in one.

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