Hi there!
I am a newbie here, Thank for everybody friendly.
Nowaday, Social media is a unchangeable channel to our Marketing Online Strategies. You might see it everywhere, every company or organizations have at least a social media channel. But sometime, we need to build my own company's community for special strategies or something like that. In my country, there are some of communities in medium such as linkhay.com (sharing common links or popular posts) or haivl.com (sharing the moment of funny or comedy things).

Please tell me alitle bit about some of medium communities in your country? or any ideas of establishing a medium community?
Thank you!


Basically what are trying to do with submitting links in those site? If your looking to imporve social meadia presence write blog,tweet,fb post or discuss in forum.

If your looking for sub,iting links in those sites then go for directory submissions, there are tons of those sites available.