Hello mates, I am Isha from India. A newbie.Need help on increasing facebook page likes.Any healp will be much appriciated.Thanks in advance.

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What type of facebook page do you have? The strategy of increasing facebook like differs depending on your facebook page goal, target audience, and alloted time in posting.

For more info, here are links of previous regarding facebook likes.

What type of stuff do you post on Facebook? Who is your target audience?

share interesting posts regularly and invite your friends and other contacts to like your page

these sites provide fake likes

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originol like gives the best traffic to yoru website

Facebook likes are increased by posting interesting topics which is in accordance to the audience pitch. Vidoes have higher impact these days and if you have a creative method for posting your content and video then it is best way of getting facebook likes. More and more facebook likes to your page the greater number of facilities it provides

add the facebook icon on the website, tell your friends, collegues to like it, everytime you contact or email anyone ....see that u hyperlink the facebook profile page

Just use add me fast & like for like organization tool. And also post interesting pictures, status etc stuff on your page regularly.

tools like 'add me fast' and such are 'nice', you'll see your likes going up in no time.
but what is the worth?

having likes from hundreds/thousands of people who either don't exist, or don't know they 'like' your page? worthless.

  1. if it gets known you got your likes from apps like that, you'll just become the laughing stock you are trying to avoid being by 'getting more likes'
  2. what counts is not a counter that says '15K likes', what counts is how many people are actively visiting your page, talking about it, sharing it, ...
    if you have '20K' likes, and only 5 persons are talking about you ... goes to figure your reputation is out the window.

if you actually want valuable likes, you'll need people who repeatedly visit your page.

decide on who your target is: are you maintaining a page for teenagers, professionals, students, ...

write topics that are new, provide a fresh insight in whatever lives within your target group. write your own, don't copy paste. not only will the other articles apear before yours do, your audience 'll soon enough find out, and most likely, so will the original author. when it concerns actual official texts, that might lead to lawsuits heading your way.

don't go begging for likes on your page. posts that just contain a single picture and 'share is against, like is for' is very annoying, it also becomes boring very fast. your audience 'll know the likes aren't actual likes and they'll stop visiting your page soon enough. just your personal friends might still bother.

never be content. wrote some amazing articles? doesn't mean you can go lay down by the pool.
people with information about their favourite topic(s) can be compared to kids with candy. if it's good, they want more. much more.

a lot of other things to keep in mind, just as well. and don't forget, people can 'unlike' your page, just the same. so, you stop being original, you stop being innovative, you stop being informative, basically: you stop being what you were when you got to them and more, you risk ending up with nothing at all.

it would be only possible if you use to post interesting and informative content that is relevant and meaningful so that it would grab the attention of the users.

Faba: what do you think the relation between a technical (IT) forum and autism is?

unfortunately, if you need an actuall app like that,it's most likely because nobody actually likes the page.

Hello isha if u just want to increase the likes of your fan page like then you go for add me fast like social media exchange tool. But remember that this likes are fake like that will not help your business. I will suggest you according to your business create good stuff regularly and post it on your fb page share it with niche group related your business, Tag your friends in it. Engage your audience by yourself only with your quality content.

The safer path is to build a fan base from your personal Facebook profile. Communicate with your friends. Use #tag on your place to disclose your niche and try to obtain feedback from your friends. Mark the prospects and request them to like your fan page. Another direction is to offer some valuable things such as pdf's, softwares for free to encourage the audience to like your fan page.

Content marketing has a great impact and then chose your spots carefully and attempt to get all the posts simple and captivating that will assist you to rent a bunch of random audience.

AlexLoxton: "Having likes in facebook is one of the most important tasks for any web master".

I do hope you are kidding? if you just 'maintain' a facebook page, you are not a webmaster, let us be clear about that. you are merely somebody who's monitoring the page.

an actual webmaster has a lot of other things to look after, likes on facebook are the very least of a decent webmasters concern.

and, let's be honest... if you need to apply additional apps or whatever to get likes, it 's just because your page/site sucks. if you can't get likes on the contents/build of your page/site, stop kidding yourself.

mamy many thenks for

i do the work odesk i try it

Post a link so we can check it out

Create engaging posts that can spark a relationship to you and your followers. Be creative in creating your content and be interesting. Also schedule your posts for a wider reach. I personally use bufferapp and hootsuite for my content management.

Analyze competitor's followers. Look for their fans on facebook and try to add them manually, send them direct messages and invites to like your Facebook pages. Just make sure that you check the profile first if they really qualify as legitimate fans for your page.

I would watch out with that. most people don't like being added to a page they don't know, by someone they don't know.

There are many ways to obtain Facebook likes. If you know your target audience, search for groups in that same area that would target to people interested in what you have to offer, and with a lot of caution and tact (not be considered a spammer), begin to post and to share, linking back to your FB page. If people like what you're all about, they will visit your page and start liking and following it. You can also ask for opinions or comments. Some SEO experts now believe that commenst are just as important (if not more) than the number of likes you have. If you have thousands of likes but your page is dead, FB might think you just got your likes from a robot, whereas if you have comments and sharing and just plain activity, that will give you more weight with them.

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