i need more better ways to increase traffic on my website

Increase your on page SEO using the latest web standards, provide rich and capitvating content that can be shared on social media, build a solid social media marketing plan, and build high quality FOLLOW inbound links with high mR/PR rank websites/directories/blogs.

Or you can rent traffic through PPC advertising.

These days social sites and social bookmarking sites are great source for increasing traffic. You should utilize these sites to invite more and more traffic on your sites.

please create a good backlink and make as possible good on page optimization
your site will rank.but if you have ecommerce site then you need so much seo
else you can join some ppc network also for traffic and profit.

To be able to attain more traffic on your website you must have a strong backlink. You can attain backlinks through social blogging, networking sites, directory submission, etc. Keep in mind that backlinks must be from high page rank websites. Also, it is important that you choose the right keyword to rank. Keywords must be based on your offered products and services and possible keyword that your target market might use.

Goodluck :)

If you need to rank on google , then optimized your website like friendly and target perfect keyword for your business and promote to social media optimization and SEO off page activities.