That topic title was difficult to write.

Lets say Provider A has the domain name of example.com and hosts a webpage with links such as example.com/aboutus, example.com/wherearewe, etc. Thats all great.

But I want Provider B to host a online store with links such as example.com/store, example.com/storename/shirts, example.com/storename/pants, etc but I still want the domain to belong to Provider A.

I talked to both providers and they said it was possible: B told me I would just have to change the DNS B gives me on A. A told me that it was possible and basically the same: I would have to put in A the DNS B gives me. BUT A mentioned something: If I change the DNS, I would NOT be able to access the website anymore since it points to another DNS (which is B) and It needs to point to the DNS given by A to be able to access the webpage. Basically I would only be able to access the online store.

The reason I ask this here is because the website is a regular website and the other store is a Magento store.

How can I do this? Better yet, is this even possible?

you have 2 domain names or what? are both domains hosted on the same server? the dns is to point the domain to the server.

example:one person can have a domain lets say user1 but dont have a hosting account.so user2 has a hosting account.

user1 one point his domain to the dns of user 2 hosting account to host his website.

but user1 is still owner of his domain.user2 is just providng a storage place.

is this what your looking for?


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