I've a website. I need huge visitors in my site. How it possible? answer needed...

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answer needed...

We're volunteers, we might give you an answer if we're nice, but we don't need to do anything. Manners go a long way.

I've a website. I need huge visitors in my site.

That's literally what every other one of the 644 million website owners say.

SEO starts over a long period of time and gradually builds up. Not something that happens overnight I'm afraid.

Firstly you need to look at the clarity and validity of your HTML, is it w3c valid? Have you got <meta> tags setup properly so that search engines can find and index your site properly?

Create a quality website, with quality content that can go viral; share it on social media and win OR you could spend thousands and rent your traffic through PPC. But if your website has been live for any amount of time you should ask yourself; why aren't people coming to my site? Is it because nobody is interested in your product? Is it because your website doesn't look professional so those who do arrive at it bounce quickly? Are you not providing your user any real value in visiting your website? Once you can answer those questions you will get traffic.

Content marketing with the likes of blogging,web 2.0 sites,press releases which are all free techniques.Fb ads,banner ads can also help to increase the traffic but they are all paid techniques.

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