Hi, I am currently maintaining a facebook page and I have 200+ likes already. My porblem is that no one likes and comments in my posts. What would you suggest me to do in order to get engagement with my facebook friends?

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Publish more pics and vids. Individuals are very visually-oriented, so pics and vids are more likely to catch individuals attention than wordy position up-dates. It only takes about half a second for a person to take in an image, so it needs very little attempt, and they can react to it almost instantly. Exciting or crazy video clips are also an excellent way to get prefers, but you may need to include a statement which excites individuals discover the shocking truth in the first place, something enigmatic and fascinating like "This movie is so crazy I snorted dairy through my nose" or "I can't believe this movie is for real...needs to be seen to be believed!"
Tagging buddies and associates in images is also an excellent way to get prefers and possibly make new buddies. Individuals are narcissistic and like to see images of themselves (as long as they're flattering!) so get labeling and start moving in the prefers.
With digicam mobile phones and applications like Grape vine and Instagram it's now so easy to publish your own high-quality video clips presenting you and your buddies. Again, everyone is more enthusiastic about things including themselves, so a marked movie of your buddies reenacting Katy Perry's new music movie will probably get more prefers than if you published the formal Katy Perry movie itself.

Join in groups and share your posts,pictures to the audience over there.Also start off some contests,posts and give out some freebies by asking people to like your fb page.You can share fb pages in other social media sites like blogger,youtube etc.

OtisGross: if nobody likes your posts, the first thing to reconsider is your posts.

first point: likes are not necessary. either you stand by your posts, or you put more value on what other people think of it.

what you should do to 'encourage' your facebook friends to like your posts ? nothing. either they'll like them, or you'll push them away trying to get them to like them.

liking a page is not "hey, my buddy-wuddy-bud-bud owns this page, I'mma like this post", people usually just think "hey, this is a great post, I'll just indicate I like it".

write new, interesting stuff, don't advertize it to your friends, advertize it to those interested. for instance: if your page is about death metal, don't advertize it to someone who prefers Mozart, not even if it's your best friend.
he'll look at it, say "wow, that's kewl", not because he likes it, but because you're his friend and he doesn't want o offend you. but the more you keep repeating it and sending him the death metal stuff he really isn't in ... well, you'll guess what 'll happen in the end.

so, to continue in the analogy: if you create a page about death metal, post a link on a death metal forum (don't overdo it, spamming is never popular). write new stuff, things you find out, if there are just a few small articles about something, all with different info, provide one article containing all that information, not a copy paste, but your own article, a new perspective.

so: advertize it to the right crowd, keep the posts informative and worth reading, and work on your SEO: a page about Death metal that 'll show up as 6th result when you google will attract more people than the 768.553rd result.
don't go "buying" likes, or hire people to like your posts, it might be a blessing in the long run, but if you want to continue it, it'll become a costly blessing, and once Google finds out about it, one that 'll bite you in the a**.

Google basically started a witchhunt on sites that abuse such techniques. they find out you did it on your page ? your page 'll never be found by google again.

Lets get this out of the way first, if you are trying to grow customer base you are fighting an uphill base with facebook without use of their PPC program. Organic reach is about as close to dead as possible for Facebook - so while you have little or no problem reaching customers who have already liked your facebook page or even a select grouping of their friends - generally speaking its really hard to attract new likes on facebook just through content sharing. People are going to facebook to catch up with friends and family - do you enjoy talking to telemarketers while at a family event or during meal times? Probably not, and thats exactly what facebook has become for marketers; you have become the next generation's telemarketer. People arent on there to see what you can sell them which is why you won't see organic growth the way everyone says you will.

Now if your largest concern is just getting your content shared; then you need to listen to some of the advice above - especially stultuske's advice. The largest trick with facebook is advertising without advertising - providing content which is entertaining, seemless in newsfeeds, and content worth sharing. Think of your own facebook browsing habits, when was the last time you shared a sponsered wall post for a product? I know personnally I never have but I have liked the product/service in very few occasions. What I have shared are funny memes from different brands - see what I'm getting at? The content was content I wanted to engage in.

I'm into online services like web design, so I find it hard to look for interesting topics that can catch the attention of my supposedly future clients. Thanks for these tips. I'll review my posting style right away!

Join many groups in your niche, after you do a good/high quality post on your page, share it to those groups . I mean actually use the share function within facebook to share the post, don't just post the url of your post in those groups. This trick will bring in a lot of new likes and more engagement.

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