I want to get more followers on Google+ for my site. How can i do it?

Post rich content on google+ page and share with your friends. Add friends on your circles. Add back peoples who already added you.

I don't have too many followers on Google+ (only over a thousand), but have had over 9 million views to my page and tons of traffic from my posts. The first thing you have to decide is which one do you want, numbers or action. Decide who your audience is. Then, join groups that cater to that audience, and without spamming or pestering anyone, begin to share meaningful, great content and to make friends. WITH TIME, you will see followers and also views. The problem is that most people want that to happen overnight, and it takes time, and WORK.

One way pf increasing specific followers relevant to your business niche is through joining and participating in communities. By joining in communitis, you will not only get ypur brands noticed but you can also share relevant links that can boost up traffic.

There are few ways to increase followers on Google+
1. Share article on daily basis with unique and attractive content.
2. Enage with audiance and always tag other people while posting
3. Join other your industry niche group and participate in that group by adding your valuable thought.
4. Include your Google+ profile link on website and email singnature.
5. Use Google+ profile link while publishing article on other industry blog.

Use Google+ as micro blog & post rich content,
share your page content with your profile,
use of hash tag is good idea,
Ask to follow.
all these technique help in increasing followers & also popularity.

You should follow those accounts who have lots of followers and you should share interesting stuff, you can ask them for follow and you shouldn't show shayness for this.

Optimize your profile.
Write about yourself so that other users can know you better.
Join relevat groups.
Pot relevant post in the groups and actively participate.
Post value adding comments in other's post that will help you establish yourself as a leader.

Once people will make you out, your followers will start increasing.
It's not a one day work or week. You have to devote your time daily to build reputation.

also join Google Plus communities and engage with others posts as well as post yours - if you just throw up your own pages it really looks like a drive by and you will not get much taction but if you engage by commenting on others and plusing you will grow your followers