Which one of the following image sharing sites is best for promoting the business related images?

Well, Pinterest as well as imgur are pretty much great platform but to some extent I would say pinterest is a little faliure. So, I would say get a little more lean towards imgur! But also what I would like to add up over here it try concentrating over the Stumbleupon platform as I have been using it for more than a year with my needs and I would say its something that gives results.

It's not my field, but I see both Pinterest and Imgur as targeted towards young people / housewives / etc. I don't see them as business outlets, the way I might with twitter a bit more.

@Dani looks like the above user has got himself kicked from here and there's no need for .... :D Also I do agree that twitter would be a good option but I think you should try using stumbleupon I must say I love it ! :)

I learned long ago not to reply just for the benefit of the OP :)

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Its depend on your business type. If your product or services releted to fashion, style and women's related use pintrest. But if your business relate to movies, techonology and men's releted you can use imgur for better image optimization.

Never heard of Imgur before (thanks for letting me know they exist), but Pinterest has been a tremendous help to me as a blogger! The more visual your niche, the better for you. Pinners love attractive photos, so if your niche is not very visual, it might not work for you as well as it does for others.

well @goodtaste if you like pinterest then I am pretty much sur you will like stumble upon too. So, I would say also give it a try !

I like pinterest very much but it's only depend on your thought.

@absolutewebtech I never said that Pininterest is bad it depends particularly over one's interest and where a person is getting attention from ?? Like if I talk about myself then I am getting much attention over stumbleupon and for its Pinterest ! :)

I suggest that anyone who think Pinterest might help their business or website should sit down with a piece of paper. Make 2 columns. On one side estimate the following: 1- Is my content visual enough or can I make it very visually attractive (ATTRACTIVE is key on Pinterest); 2- Can I make SURE all of my best photos are easily pinnable? (FORGIVE my Pinterest lingo); 3- Is my content targeted for the main Pinterest demographics? (you know, 80% women, between the ages of 25 to 54, visually oriented, with some college and with an average income between $49,999 to $74,9999?) if all your answers are YES! Then write a plan on your other column on how to reach THAT specific audience with your site or business and go for it! If it is not for you, then make a bee line and head somewhere else, because Pinterest is VERY time-consuming, and if it is not going to yield the benefits you want, maybe another option will be best for you. Wish you all the best!

I'll definitely suggest your to go forward with Pinterest in order to promoting the business.

I'm not sure about Imgur, but I have an impression that it's for young people. Pinterest, on the other hand, is mainly for women. My friend who has a website paleo recipes is having a great success over there. So this really depends on your niche and business.

Totally Pinterest. Think of where most of your target audience is and I gues the answer is Twitter as it is being used more widely.