How can I best optimize my website, to increase number of visitors and link with them.
Also how do we add section of forums to website?

Your question has been kicked around for over a decade so my thoughts is either you didn't know how to research or was hoping for magic.

Tell more about how and why you came to ask this question. Folk would like to know why folk post this question.

I too am confused about these kinds of threads. There's no way to answer the question without asking for details (Is this a business website? If so, what is the product? What's the business plan? What demographics are you targetting? Etcetera etcetera.) Lacking details, all one can do is post a "Let Me Google That For You" answer.

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Well, this is a digital marketing website and my question is related to that only.

@E, your question is too broad and has been asked before. You usually don't get an answer or just spam replies. Are you so new that you didn't notice this question when you googled it? Why not make your question a great one?

Well if moderator will find it repeated question then he will club it with that section. I don't why are you so worried about if i have written same question with other thread.

I don't know how should I prove. If you want check my undergoing website It is still incomplete. I want to add many sections to it.

As forums is the easiest way where you can easily get different views of different people, and from which the best one could be selected, so I posted here.

Well if moderator will find it repeated question then he will club it with that section. I don't why are you so worried about if i have written same question with other thread.

No one is worried. The question is way too vague offer up any answers that are better than the answers you'd find with google searches of "strategy to increase number of visitors to website" and "how can I get people to link to my website" or something similar. As for "How do we add section of forums to website?", again, too vague and thus only answerable by a google search and/or questions regarding what software you are familiar with, what you want this forum to look like, how much time you can put into it, etc.

To the potential question answerers who may have the expertise and the willingness to put the time/effort into answering your question thoughtfully rather than just giving you a google phrase to search on, how should they answer your question? Suppose, for example, Dani from Daniweb were to answer your question. She is a programmer with years of experience creating the forum called Daniweb using PHP and MySQL and whatever else she uses. She could spend an hour or more thoughtfully writing up her experiences and giving lots of pros and cons of different forums and what language to use and why she decided to recently rewrite the whole thing from scratch. Then you might write back one sentence saying "Thanks, but that doesn't apply to me because I'm not a programmer" or "Thanks, but that doesn't apply to me because I need everything to be advertisement-free" or "Thanks, but my business model is different from yours, so..." She's just wasted an hour writing up her thoughts because she had to guess what you needed and guessed wrong. She had to guess because you didn't tell her in the initial post.

It's similar to questions like "Should I use a vector or a set or an array to store my data" in a C++ forum. To answer that question, you have to ask a whole bunch of questions about their program because each storage type has pros and cons and their use depends on what the data looks like, how it is likely to be accessed, inserted, and modified. You end up writing a paragraph of questions when the person needing the answer only wrote one line and never even came back, so your time answering the question was largely a waste.

Your question is the Digital Marketing equivalent of that question. I asked some questions about your website/business that was answered with "Well, this is a digital marketing website and my question is related to that only". I'm still puzzling over what to do with that answer. I NOW know that you apparently have some experience as a childrens' party planner, which I didn't before. I looked at the website. I'm guessing that you have a business where parents hire you to plan/implement childrens' parties. Key word is guess. You may be in the magazine business and the magazine is childrens' party themed and you want advertisers/subscribers. Or there's no business and you're just starting a blog sharing your expertise for fun. I can't tell from the website. If it's a business where people can hire you, I'm having to search the website way too hard for a link on how to contact you to hire you. I realize the site is still under development.

I'm on my fifth paragraph now and my experience in answering questions on forums is that you'll get upset and leave, so I've just wasted my time. Is that true? I don't know since I don't know you. I only know my experience and from experience, we must pigeonhole people since all we know about them is what they write and I've classified you in the "Vague, must ask many questions in order to answer", "Does not understand how forums work", and "Overly-defensive" categories. Try to look at your questions and the answers to our requests for clarification from our view, not yours. Forget everything about yourself and make yourself a stranger who can judge you only on what you've written. Would you not agree that your initial question was too vague? Would you not agree that, when told that, instead of getting LESS vague, you continued to be vague and got defensive for no reason (i.e. no one asked you to "prove" anything, nor did anyone suggest that a moderator needed to get involved)? As far as getting "differnt views of different people", the point is that there are many threads already out there already that have the same answers, so why would someone want to start a new one? For a new thread, there should be some aspect not covered elsewhere. My advice would be to succinctly but fully explain what you want information on, anticipating what obvious questions would need to be asked in order to give an explanation, and have those answers in the initial post in a new thread. I'd also be interested in what you think about my post here in THIS thread. Speaking of "succinctly", boy I wasn't very succinct in THIS post, was I? That said, it is intended to help you, though perhaps not in the way you originally intended.

Now that's something interesting which I would love to read.
Ya I know google is there for everything but forum some how gives out the precise and valuable answers from different people around the globe.

Why people asked this type of question.