Hello am very new to selling online. I come up with an idea to sell something online like t-shirt or socks :P or whatever.
I googled "how to sell online" and company called shopify popped, i reviewed it and i think its pretty cool tool for e-commenrce business. Please is here someone who can explain me how can i sell my products online and is this shopify a good choice. Thank you very much :)

I'll keep this to just one of many examples. I was asked about this years ago and suggested they use a ready to go shopping site like Godaddy. They had another consultant tell them to make a full custom site.

5 years pass and the site is not up and they are 6 figures and approaching 7 when the owner finally blows the project up.

New consultant comes in, sets up a Godaddy site and sales begin in 30 days.

Lesson? Sell your stuff. If you are not selling Web sites, then go with ready to go selling sites like Godaddy, Amazon, Ebay etc.

I definitely feel Shopify is the right way to sell your merchandise online. Super customizable to grow with you but also super easy to get started. I highly recommend it for your purposes.

5 years pass and the site is not up and they are 6 figures and approaching 7 when the owner finally blows the project up.

Took them 5 years and almost 7 figures to figure that out? Slow learner.

How 'bout sell it using GoDaddy WHILE you're creating the perfect custom site?

Would love to hear the details on this one if it doesn't hijack the thread too bad. Very often you see, six months into a project, "That was a really bad idea", but there's a psychological resistance to cutting your losses and admitting to yourself you did something dumb. All that code and money goes to waste if it's abandoned, and who knows, MAYBE it'll eventually work. The phenomenon shows up all over the place in life: losing battle plans in war, bad relationships, bad poker hands, bad startups, the list is endless.

Okay thanks for the info but how do i transport the product to my customer ? so for example 20 customers buy my product how do i send it to them i dont get it or should i bring somewhere my products?

@Stefan_1. More at https://www.shopify.com/guides/shipping-and-fulfillment-101/shipping-your-package

@Assertnull. It's one of the longest times I've seen to date. My mother worked there but I was in another country at the time so I couldn't invest the time to help them avoid this. It was by chance I was there on holiday and had given them a recipe to install their own CCTV for a fraction of the cost of what they were paying a service for (another story.) I gave them the recipe, had it installed and while I was on vacation swung by to see if they needed some procedural assistance. After that was done they asked about how I would go about the web site. So the current consultant was asked and you betcha "Oh no, you need a full custom web site." I wasn't their to blow that out of the water and the story is now one to share.

I wasn't their to blow that out of the water

I would think even someone not from the field could blow that one out of the water just from plain old life experience. Sometimes people don't trust their own instincts enough when they get that queazy feeling in their stomach.

To the OP: I would imagine you might want to consider the ordering and shipping as possibly two separate parts of the business. You might do your online ordering with shopify and your shipping with someone else or on your own. RProffitt's link makes it look like shopify allows that, if desired. Plenty of businesses do their ordering with one business and then deal with FedEx and UPS directly. And plenty do it with the same business (looks like shopify offers that).

commented: Typo. Missed that. As to the consultant, what a salesperson. +12

If you just want to sell tshirts and such, just use Cafepress. You upload the artwork, specify what you want it to be available on, and they take care of everything else.

@Dani what this site is about can you please tell me more? Actually maybe this exactly what i want. So am just making a design and they sell it? how much will be my profit is it possible to know ?

I haven't looked at Cafepress in years, so I don't know if they changed their business model. But the way that it used to work is they charged a specific price per shirt, mug, etc., and then you could mark it up to be sold for whatever price you want based on how much value you place on your artwork.

Okay so i have created my design and i would like to be printed 10 shirts of my design BUT its funny they want to charge me $24.99 per t-shirt so thats freaking $250 for 10 t-shirts!!! okay, i found a code for discount and the final price is $213.60. So how in the world someone will by a simple t-shirt which will be definitely more than $25?

So how in the world someone will by a simple t-shirt which will be definitely more than $25?

It would require some really really cool artwork for me to spend $25 extra, but I've done it occasionally. Some things are just so awesome that you have to have it at any price.

25 bucks just to print the design on the t-shirt? Or does that include the price of the plain t-shirt too? The printing fee per t-shirt generally goes down significantly when you order in bulk, and ten t-shirts isn't bulk. 25 dollars per shirt seems high even for that small order. It might be worth shopping around.

eBay, Amazon
If you want a particular website, Shopify is a great option
if you want a particular website (not free), with many benefits, you can try Mostroid2 theme ( templatemonster.com/wordpress-themes.php ), which includes WooCommerce, for example
Good luck!