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Shout boxes are interesting, they basically just display all user input that is submitted via button to the web page. I believe some of them use session state on the server to use only a limited number of posts, removing the oldest n from a circular buffer. Alternatively you could create a special user object for your blog, which utilizes IP address and user name submission in order to have more persistent posting. The posts then get persisted to the database post table.


you should use blogspot.com to enter into guest blog, blogspot.com allow you to write and post content in guest blogs . you have also space for particular guest blog , you should use google suggsted links.


Yes, Guest blogging is the best way to get backlinks these days.
Here, i given below the way of do guest blogging

  1. First you have to contact the editor & wait for approval
  2. After get approval submit ypur guest post
  3. Finally publish your guest post

@kiruthi_1 right way you shared here for how to do guest blogging.

while you do Guest blogging just keep on your mind

  1. Content must be unique 7 relevent
  2. Make title user friendly

This is exactly the sort of post that shouldn't exist. It's just shit in every way.

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I agree. Low quality and keeps getting low quality answers.
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