I want to know about the exact difference between the XM Sitemap & HTML Sitemap. I already take the help of Google but not satisfied.
Expecting a better reply from your side.


TANYA TYAGI commented: XML SiteMap is specifically for Search Engine Spiders whereas HTML SiteMap allows site visitors to easily navigate a website. +0

An HTML sitemap is just a regular webpage on your site that links to all of your pages for the benefit of your users. Googlebot will crawl this page and, essentially, also find all the other pages you link to.

A plain text sitemap file is a plain text list of all of the URLs on your site, one per line. They can be submitted to Google Search Console so that Googlebot wil get a list of all of the pages of your site you think are important to crawl.

An XML sitemap is an XML file of all of the URLs on your site you think are important to crawl. The added benefit of using an XML sitemap (which is Google's recommended format) is that you can additionally specify the priority of the page (compared to the other pages on your site) and the last time the page was modified, to give Googlebot some additional information to help with their crawl efforts.

An XML sitemap is specifically written for search engine spiders. A search engine spider can quickly and easily extract all the important pieces of information about your site by looking at the XML file. An HTML sitemap enables lost human users to find a page on your site that they are looking for. Remember that search engines reward sites that are easy to use and that, in many cases, you can improve your site’s ranking by improving your user experience. It may be the case that you provide a better user experience by providing an HTML sitemap.

XML is abbreviation for eXtensible Markup Language whereas HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. XML mainly focuses on transfer of data while HTML is focused on presentation of the data.

XML and HTML both are sitemaps that help search engines crawl your site.
XML sitemap describes what pages you have on your websites. It includes all the internal pages and webpages more efficiently. If your website has a lot of webpages and posts and they are not necessarily all linked to from the homepage.
HTML sitemap is just a page with links on it. It describes the user, what your page is about and what you have on it. The HTML sitemap helps visitors gain a comprehensive understanding of your website..