Hello everyone. I've been working hard recently to improve my website, which I'm using to promote a music event (hence the user title). I've decided to add a music themed forum in order to broaden the audience of the site. I'm determined to use a Perl based solution because:

1. My host charges £3 extra per month for PHP support and I'm REALLY tight fisted :mad: .

2. I know more about Perl than PHP, which will make it easier to modify the forum scripts if I decide to.

So, does anyone know what the best Perl based forum systems are (i.e. secure, easy to configure etc.). I've found some possibilities, but most debate on here seems to be about PHP based solutions. I was hoping someone could offer me an opinion about this ;) . Thanks.


hmm... who's your host? I though PHP support was standard now. I've never really used a Perl based forum so I cant really give you my personal opinion, I would however advise you to check out this review of all forum software by sitepoint, I'd also suggest you get the personal opinion of people who have perl based forum software.