Does anyone have experience making a shopping cart in Japan (that will accept Japanese forms of payment, such as Japanese credit cards, C.O.D., pay at the convenience store, or bank debit)?

I have found a few payment system sites, but my Japanese isnt good enough to completely understand them. Can anyone recommend a good payment system?

you should try or 2checkout... they are ussually pretty good.

thank you for your reply! however, 2checkout is a 3rd party, right? so u have to navigate away from the page to their checkout, and they don't have a japanese version. also, or transcommerce both only work with US bank accounts. what I need is an international merchant provider... *sigh* we could use a Japanese payment system, but they are pretty expensive. and the e-commerce is a little behind, so I'm a little afraid of the APIs. and also, any instructions on using them will be in Japanese.

That's useful , thank you

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