I'm starting to look into affilate program to advertise my site. Anyone has use a good affiliate program that works for them. So far i found Clix Galore but still gotta try it out. Thanks for all your help.

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I'm not a fan of affiliate programs myself. I feel like a company would purchase inventory on a CPA basis because their advertising doesn't perform too good so they only want to pay out if it does ... which isn't that great for the publisher.

I use the Commission Junction program: cj.com
Very usefull.
Any questions ask me.

Do you really make any significant amount of money in CJ?

Not yet :(
For now I only earn about 6 commisions in last 2 months, in my running shoes site, but I want to improve it. I would like to have shoes reviews and price comparasion on my site...

I prefer onenetworkdirect . Has anybody used it?

I use Amazon.com's affiliate program, and it does pretty well for me. I also use Commission Junction, and I do see a bit of cash from that here or there, but Amazon works much better for me because just about everyone buys stuff from Amazon. They've already got an account. They trust Amazon. They click on the affiliate link, go to Amazon, maybe they buy something, maybe they don't, but even if they don't buy the products I linked to I'll still get commission on other things they buy at Amazon (assuming they added those things to their cart while the Amazon.com affiliate cookie is still active).

Clickbank work alright for me.

It is a bit hard to get sales, but if you do get then the commission is good

CJ has some good program, check what is most suitable for your site.

I'd second what Kristensguide said about Amazon. It is trusted, you can find - or let Amazon find for you - loads of relevant book titles and other products. It is amazing what people who click from your Amazon link actually end up buying on Amazon - often totally unrelated to the initial link... but you still get the credit.

Amazon might not make you rich, but it should cover your webhosting expenses, and it is really easy to set up and work with.

I have used tradedoubler.com but it is not much effective. I only earned 90 in 3 months. which is nothing.

I think you can sign up a few sites and see what works. Some places will accept any website for publishers and advertisers run into the problem of bad leads and no leads.

I think you have to find one that a good fit for your type of offer.

I used clixgalore and had no luck with a financial offer. We were on there for a while. A lot of people signed up to run the offer but never any commissions. But you dont know, because there are many people that have a lot of luck on clixgalore.

Unfortunatly, i think you just have to test a few out and see what happens.

Good Luck!

I am little new to affiliate programs but due to growing communities, I am getting very interested on it. I am going to give a try with Amazon Aff. Programs.

Can any one suggests the best aff. programs in amazon?


I use the Commission Junction program: cj.com
Very usefull.
Any questions ask me.

i couldnt found CJ.com

i couldnt found CJ.com

May have been down when you tried it. I just tried it and it is working fine:


tQ, yupz may ve been down, today i can access it.

Affiliate site are categorized according to advertiser, merchant site and affiliate network

The main categories are:

* Search affiliates that utilize pay per click search engines to promote the advertisers offers (search arbitrage)
* Comparison shopping sites and directories
* Loyalty sites, typically characterized by providing a reward system for purchases via points back, cash back or charitable donations
* Coupon and rebate sites that focus on sales promotions
* Content and niche sites, including product review sites

I have found that with most affiliate programs you have to get in fast and take a risk and hope they will be fine. Do your own due diligence but do not procrastinate. It is easier if you get involved with something you like also.

One of the best programs i have ever seen is yahoo web hosting, they will pay you 60 bucks for every sign up, and here is the catch!, the service is around 10 bucks a month for the buyer! think about it, 60 bucks for a 10 dollar sign up.

To succeed, you need 2 things to start with:

1- Learn internet marketing - there are plenty of free training programs available online.

2- Focus on ONE niche and product, for starters.

Make a success of it - yes it takes time and effort but it does get results. Then sure try another product or niche after and make that a success and keeep going.

Oh, and NEVER give up but always learn lessons form whatever you do. Look back, did it get you what you wanted? If not why not, if yes how (& repeat the process).

you could try out this site. here's a short description "Join our Winning affiliate program today and begin making the kind of money other products promise but never deliver. Our Internet presence since 1996 has helped to transform many new affiliate marketers into the top sellers in today's marketplace. You can be one of those affiliates!"

if your interested, here's a link: http://www.hdpublishinggroup.com/

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