hey i am using clicksor, because google hates me so i have a question what does ctr stand for, and how can i raise it, i am already at 26% and want to see how high i can get it before i lock it.

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CTR represents clickthru rate. It is the percentage (sometimes represented as a decimal, however) of those viewing the ad who click on it. Average CTR has been publicized to be about 0.5% for banner ads, and as much as four times that (2.0%) for text-based advertising.

Your absurdly large results are probably skewed because of few impressions. For example, if an ad is only viewed four times, and one person clicks on it, that is instantaneously a 25% CTR. However, it is incredibly unlikely that it remains consistant that for every four ad views, there will be a click.

I hate to unfortunately burst your bubble, but the more you continue to use Clicksor, the lower your CTR will be, as it slowly falls more into the norm and eventually locks into place, once there is an appropriate sample size to work with.

well with the clicksor thing i think u can lock in ur ctr

it should be hard to lock in click through rate as they will vary some unless they are kept constant by automated click fraud or something.

yeah i read the thing wrong, it doesnt lock the ctr just the keywords.

Simply improve your ad - make it more compelling for searchers to click.

A few tips:
1. Make sure that your keyword/phrase appears in the title. This is a MUST.
2. If possible the word/phrase should appear in the copy of the ad.
3. Test multiple versions of your ads to see which ones perform best.
4. Use a call to action.

These are some basic tips.

You can never lock in a click through rate....26% is a very high click through rate. Be happy with it and embrace it! You will never get the quality or volume of traffic via 2nd tier search engines...work on expanding your keyword list. Keep your bids low until you see some conversions coming in, then you can beef up your bids!

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