Ok, I am into this trouble since a past couple of weeks, people are paying me by fraud credit cards and after a while paypal is hanging me with the "paypal chargebacks"

I want to know if there is really any way I can disable accepting credit cards on my paypal account?

If you can help in any other way to fight this fraud CC transaction, I will be greatful to you.


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Keep in mind that Protx and Authorize.net are only electronic payment gateways - you still need a merchant account to process credit cards. And Authorize.net will only work with US merchant account providers unfortunately.

What is the reason for the chargeback? I have seen some sites that say they will not accept credit card transactions via Paypal for whatever reason and when I paid, I abided by that. You should contact Paypal and ask them or maybe check over at www.paypaldev.org since a lot of Paypal gurus tend to hang out there and should be able to walk you through on setting up you Paypal account correctly. You should be able to also set it up to only accept verified users as well.

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