I am currently deciding between the ValueClick and Burst!Media banner networks. Fastclick is out because it seems they don't accept forums right now. Has anyone been successful with either of these two? Which one do you recommend?

One of my friends has Burst Ads on his forums and site and he seems very happy with the money he gets. Burst is a great place to get ads if you have loads of hits. You should have no problem.

I use valueclick and focusin on my website and valueclick I think is way better than focusIN, but anyways, I use burst only on my forums and the money is very good. Burst is probably the best ad company out there and they are just slightly better than Valueclick. I would reccomend both, but If I had to choose one, it would definitely be Burst. Their pay is higher than valueclick and it'll be even higher since you're gonna put them on your forums. You can even choose which ads and things you want with Burst too.

I hope this helped :)

I finally was able to make it into Tribal Fusion and I'm very happy with them. They're picky on who they accept, but if anyone out there is lucky enough to be accepted, definitely go with Tribal :) Burst and ValueClick both make good second tier networks. If you are planning on adding a third tier onto your ad network hierarchy, make sure ValueClick is last because, as of right now, they only allow static banners as defaults.

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