I'd like to ask all of you out there, what are the best questions you get from clients? The kind of question that makes you say: That's a good question! The other day, someone asked me "How to learn a programming language like C real quick?" and I thought "what a good question". What other good questions are you all hearing out there?

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i'm interested to know what your response was? the part where you say learning "real quick" makes me wonder. You can learn any language really quickly, say in ... number of days, but how much did you actually grasp? have you set a solid enough foundation for other languages .

i have been asked which programming lang is EASIEST to learn - i think it is a complex question similar to yours
i think it depends on the individual abilities and previous knowledge. I started at university with Visual Basics and later did C++ and i only had computer literacy know-how. i found VB quicker and easier to learn compared to C++.

Anyway, a question that comes to mind is:
How do you distinguish a GOOD program from a BAD program? How do you compare one to another immaterial of whether each solves the same problem or has the same functionalities?


I think you should start a forum, that will enable you to respond these querry nicely, also you can be able to build a community.

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