problem in short - when the flash file reads text from a xml file, the font display is unclear. when the text is embedded in the flash, it appears clearly

problem in detail -

i would appreciate your help because i am unable to resolve this problem despite my best efforts. please see '~about.fla'. it has been decompiled from a swf file as the original source code was not available (can this be causing the problem?). the xml folder resides in the same folder as '~about.fla'. it contains 'about.xml'. you can download these files at

i discovered a problem - if you view 'about.swf' - when you click on 'history' link, you can see that the text is distorted. this text is read from the xml file. but is you click on the 'key people' link, you can see that the text appears perfectly. this text is embedded in the flash itself.

please help me to resolve this problem. thank you in advance for you time and efforts.

i have given the screenshots 'text is unclear.jpg' and 'text is clear.jpg' to further explain my query.

please tell me if i have explained my problem properly or further clarifications are needed.

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1. Rightclick emptyspace on the library and select "New Font"
2. Give a name and select your font, dont forget to give export in first frame, and for actionscript.

var myFont = new Font1();
var myFormat:TextFormat = new TextFormat();
myFormat.size = 15;
myFormat.align = TextFormatAlign.CENTER;
myFormat.font = myFont.fontName;
var splashtxt:TextField = new TextField();
splashtxt.defaultTextFormat = myFormat;
splashtxt.embedFonts = true;
splashtxt.antiAliasType = AntiAliasType.ADVANCED;

The above is in ActionScript 3.0 make the relevant conversion to ActionScript 2.0

Hope this helps!

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font1 is the class name you given when you created font from the library

also if i try to embed the calibri font in the flash file, the font display is clear, but some parts of the text is simply not read from the xml file. please see the screenshots 'how i embed fonts.jpg', 'text without embedding fonts.jpg' and 'text after embedding fonts.jpg'. these are also available at
i later discovered that if you embed fonts, the text between <b> in the xml disappears, but text within <font> displays. can you throw some light on this? suppose i want to make some text in the xml bold, how do i achieve this without putting <b> in the xml? perhaps use css?
also when i embed fonts, why does it have to be done for each dynamic text field in the fla. whats the way to do it only once for each fla?

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Instead of bold tag, you just increase the size to 18.

<font color="#CC0000" size="18">History of Aaren Initiative</font>

for now!

Thanks for sharing.

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