I just purchased a Canon sx 20. The video is in mov format. I had a Canon powershot A series previously. I loved using the Microsoft Movie Maker (have Windows Vista) to make movies with pictures, video clipsand music from the camera shots. It was quick, easy simple to learn. Now I am at a loss how to do it since the camera has MOV. I would love a simple easy way...put in laymans terms I can understand... if that is even feasable. Is seperate a DVD recorder bypassing the hard drive an possible answer?

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I think you have to try Ulead media player.It is best and i used this for movie making.

Thanks I'll look into it!

Personal for me the best program for convert mov to avi there is VidLogo.

I honestly have the same concern, Gladly I have found this thread

Thanks for the tip I will certaintly look into it!

never buy anything that locks you to a single proprietary format, routinely they go belly up.
apple consider they are the exception,
but 30 years and 3% of the market??

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