For some reason, when I try to shape tween an animation in Flash, I'm unable to do it. The option in the Insert toolbar is unable to be clicked, while Classic and Motion tween are given and clickable.

Do I have something set wrong that is causing Shape Tween to not be an option?

Thank you!

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Wow, it's been absolutely ages since I used the Flash IDE. My memory of it is hazy to say the least. I use the Flex SDK nowadays and do everything exclusively in AS3 code. But if memory serves I think shape-tweening is only available to shape objects on the stage.
e.g. Geometric vector shapes created using the Flash IDE's drawing tools. I don't think they're available to other objects on the stage (buttons, movieclips, sprites etc.)

I could be wrong, but I think that's the case!

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Attach your Actionscript file.

If this is AS3 I can help.

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