Hey everyone,

I'm posting this thread in this forum because I am not sure where else it should go to. Anyway, I'd like to straight jump to the question. I want to make the URL to my site look like mob.mysite.com. how do you achieve something like this? do I change the URL in the app depending on the device a user is using to access my website?



Has nothing to do with apps or mobile devices, it's what's known as a Subdomain and can be called anything. They are created using the control panel of your website and will route all traffic to the sub-domains URL directly down to a folder inside your main sites public_html so..

Would be a shorter way of saying mysite.com/kitchen/dishwasher/

People do it to make the URLs easy to remember or just more pretty

what hosting provider are you hosting your site with?

@Sogo7.. Awesome answer. I was only wondering about that. I think that answers my query. Cheers!