Hello everyone!

I am thinking of creating some websites, one for my parents business and one for my personal use. Basically I wanted to know the BEST web hosting service and the BEST FTP provider to use. I want a good deal but also the the best service so I don't mind spending a little bit of money.

any ideas?

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There are many many others, but those are two popular ones... I prefer GoDaddy personally...

Who you choose will depend on what you plan to host and what the requirements are. The two probers mentioned in the previous post are very popular, but there are countless hosting probers that all provide a great service at similar costs.

I head about 000webhost, I'm not sure if security is something I need to worry about with a this type of thing but is it secure? And is security something I need to be concerned about?

Security is always a concern... You don't want to be hacked in a way don't you?

No, and that was my concern. Are those server hosting sites secure or should I go another route?

hmmm.... i know that godaddy is secure.... but not sure about others... (unless you do it yourself).

Going another route is your choice...

Are those server hosting sites secure

Define what you mean. Am sure they all provide security (some more than others), but if you install a bad script, than you are to blame, not them.

well I will do more research on this, but just so I have an idea what would be defined as a bad script?

Unsecure, programming holes, can be lots of things.

In my experience, JustHost has perfect customer service

One of my friend was telling about makeanysite has everything read-made and attractive servive in one website itself. He designes and launched site with too quickly.
I got reference from him and thinkinh to built my website in upcoming days.

They are providing FREE WordPress themes for your site as well as unlimited number of bandwidth.
Yuou can check for makeanysite

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you can use... Hostgator.com or godaddy.com

so many of them providing webhosting services through online..i suggest you http://www.9cubehosting.com for cheap linux based hosting services..they also host blog with joomla,wordpress site and also integrated multi-lingual control panel allows you to manage your sites with a one click of the mouse..if you interested check their basic plan ..They also provide unlimited FTP access....

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