Hi All,

I am developing a portal in PHP(YII framework) and MySql DB.
I have 2 queries releated to performance of a portal.

1> How to organize the file/directory structure so that the file/s will be accessed at optimal performance.
for ex : if we take website like Facebook we can see that they are keeping Javascript, CSS and images in different domain(or some websites storing these files in sub domain) What is the use of keeping the scripting files (JS,CSS,Image folders, etc) in another domin. will it help in acheiving greater performance?

2> I want to know about hosting, whether hosting on a dedicated server is better or Cloud hosting is better. (Since i am expecting atleast ten thousand hits a day)

Also any further discussion on managing Portal/ Security of Portal is appriciated.

Thx in Adv.

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1) A browser will usually not load more than two files simultaneously per domain. If you use more domains, it will try to load more files simultaneously.

2) Cloud hosting has the advantage of moving your site around if something goes really bad. But with only 10.000 hits per day (6 hits per minute), I don't think it really matters.

Its really a case of what makes managing the files easier at the end of the day.
It makes sense to have a folder for images, a folder for javascript, a folder for styles etc. and as a site grows you may find it makes sense to have subfolders within those for further organisation – an images folder can become pretty cluttered very quickly. But generally its does you no harm to start off with a just a few basic folders to organise the different types of files as mentioned above.
When your site gets more complex, you will most likely already understand what is needed.

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