I am using this snippet of code:

#recaptcha_image img   
    width: 200px !important;  
    cursor: pointer;  
#recaptcha_image img:hover  
    position: absolute;  
    width: 300px !important;  
    display: block;  

And no matter what I do I can not shrink the overall size of the recaptcha but I can increase its width. What do I do to make the overall size smaller? I am sorry if I have repeated this question but it was never really answered so I am, in a way, re-wording it...


The snippet of code is the code I found, but when I change the width, it doesn't do anything.

Please don't tell me that it doesn't work because it says 200px already.

I know how to adjust the image size... i just don't know how to adjust the recaptcha to be smaller than 200px.