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Right now he says it looks bad, actually it really does look bad specially if its been resized down. Comments and suggestions would be great.

You want the logo to be clean meaning no background images involved. The logo should only appear the company letters. If you resized it yes, it does look bad because of the bubbles. Try not to put the bubbles near the letters.

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Dear junji, I googled some bubble logos Google, personally I found 2 things that may not look good in this logo.
Lot of small bubbles: try to make them bigger - Decrese the number of bubbles
Not realistic and color: Bubbles doesn't look realistic, I don't think realistic bubbles will be clear, what you've illustrated is the best you can do for a bubble in this case. But try to color them in green.

Good Luck


well the client wanted this color for a bubble but that can be rectified thanks for the comments guys

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