I'm in a bit of a tangle on my new design. I decided to ask you, if there are any takers ? I'll post what I have done up to this point before continuing, I know what direction to take the design in, I want a little feedback.

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If you are having an issue or need some feedback, you would have to post revealing code or a link to where it is being hosted.


The color choice is a little odd, I've always tried to keep a site to a few colours, two or three maybe four so it does not get confusing. Though, those colours (three) don't really go well together.


That may be the exact reason of why they are offending the eye...

Everything should [at least in this case] be a continuation of colors you are introducing on the banner.

The color of the "sheep field" background should aesthetically match the fill of "Christopher", whereas the "about me" background fill should be from "the Creat" hue (lightened) and finally the feedback section should be picked off of the banner mains: light-gray, gray and dark-gray present range values.

p.s.: please don't learn this by hart -its not a law. Provinding that it migh even fail this particular case also.


I'll see if there are more suggestions, then I'll do a change and post.

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