Platform of making website by HTML

For making html website there are many platform where we can executite the codes.The most used platform are notepad,notepad++ and Macromidea dreamweaver. Most popular platform is Macremidea dreamweaver.Any body can download it from the company website or can purchase it.Later I will discuss about Macremidea dreamweaver.

Now I will mention some tag of HTML.
**Making paragraph in a text

<p>My name is Shuvo</p>

Making bold a text

<b>Hello Everybody</b>

** Making italic a text**

<i>Hello Everybody</i>

**Making underline a text

<u>Hello Everybody</u>

**Text display with headline

<h1>Hi Guys</h1>
<h2>Hi Guys</h2>
<h3>Hi Guys</h3> 

Test all the code into body tag and save the file in your notpad.

See you next class

Macromedia Dreamweaver? It's been Adobe Dreamweaver for around 9 years now.
Good HTML and CSS authors should know that instead of <b>, <i>, and <u> you should be using <strong>, and <em> these days, and use CSS to specify the element's appearance (such as underlining) rather than relying on default browser styles.