I'm developing a website for the time being to display my movie collection. I have been working on this project for a while now and I have the backbone almost done. I'm using mysql to store my data and I'm working on finishing up being able to pull data from websites for each movie title and store into the database. I have the general idea of what I want the site to be and do, but I don't know if it can be done with just html and css or javascript or if I need to work with node.js or something else.

I'm also working with php and using pdo at the moment for the sql queries. As for the site I have found a template that I like and would like to do something along those lines, but not exactly. The site will have the option to login(admin) to add, edit, or delete movie titles, but other than that there won't be a point to login. I would also like to create a queue system for those movie nights. That way you don't have to remember all the titles you talked about watching. My thought is to have the titles displayed like they are in the image below, but to be able to use the arrow keys/enter or mouse click to select the movie and have a menu pop up. If admin give the option to edit, delete, add to queue, or more info and if just user add to queue or more info.


and before anybody says anything yes I know the title and plot and image don't match for some they are just an example.

Also is it possible to do auto adjust the height for the row. Let say movie A has a long plot, but b and c are short auto adjust those 3 to be the same height and use the height for the longer of the 3, but the next row down with movies z, x, and y have short plots so they will auto adjust to fit better.

Any thoughts or ideas on where I should go with this would be very appreciated. Like I said the backend is almost done and I have started working on the site part, but not really yet.

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To have the divs have different height, set your css to


To resize the divs to match that of the largest height, you can do so via javascript. You simply need to gather the various heights and determine what the largest value is. Then take that value and apply a new height to the other divs.

Here is an example...

Dynamically Resize Height of Div Elements

He can also just set the max height then have a scroll bar to show more..


Thanks I'll check those suggestions out. Do you also think javascript is the way to go for my menu's or jquery or would something like bootstrap be a better optoins? Thanks for the help.

I am using boostrap right now for my website, Great for mobile friendly!

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Bootstrap can be stripped down to just include those bits that you need. However, you still get a lot of stuff you could probably do without.

If you're going to be using a lot a different js stuff, a library such as jquery may be useful, otherwise IMO, it's a bit much to include a library for using a trivial bit of js.

Thanks for your thoughts on bootstrap.

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