This is what I have now:

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How can I use CSS or HTML or both to

1.move "Total number of subordinates" on the right top corner of that textarea;
2. put some space between them
3. align it with the next which should fit the screen area? :D

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looks like your html is broken.. but to answer your question you should use some div's.
for the section you are talking about I would split into two divs and float them next to one another.


#left-div {float:left; width:50%;}
#right-div {float:left; width:50%}
.clearFix {clear:both;}

<div id="left-div">
    <textarea cols="" rows="" name=""></textarea>
<div id="right-div">
    <textarea cols="" rows="" name=""></textarea>
<div class="clearFix"></div>

Looking at your code I would sugest reading up on some modern html technics and refactoring your code abit.

I did something along your lines but the next rows just moved down a bit.. :-?

It is a bit in a hurry, i have a deadline for tomorrow, and i started the voyage into web design this Monday so yeah.. i know it's a bit messy, but at least to get the things done :) thank you, btw

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