HI i am create a website and want to publish my site online so everybody can access this,i am buy a domain name,i want to publish my website from my home computer and homecomputer operating system is windows 2008r2 i want to deploy my website using xampp and i open port from router and i can access my website using public ip what you guys suggest.

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The only problem that you will have to make double sure that you have solved would be static IP addressing. If you are currently running through DHCP method of addressing, every n (n being number chosen by your ISP - usually 24) hours your IP will change on your host computer. This will be a HUGE problem with domain providers that require a static (unchanging) IP address. You will need to call your ISP to see that they do infact support this. Once you have done so, then you will need to configure IIS.

As you stated previosly, the operating system you have chosen to use is Windows Server 2008 r2. This means that your IIS version should be 7 or 7.5.

Please read this article on how to configure IIS to host your website.

XAMPP is intended for quick web application development and should not be use as a frontend for production environment. Try Uniserver. Uniserver allows you to easily configure the server to either production or development. The apache, PHP, and MySQL configurations are easy to tweak.

I have a client who wanted to host their basic corporate website locally. Since the website is so small, I develop everything inside a 10gb flash drive.

  1. sign-up for free account at freeDNS.afraid.org. Make sure to download their IP address update.
  2. Use the nameserves provided by the freeDNS site. You need to add these nameservers by accessing your domain registrar account panel.

  3. Configure the vhost.conf

  4. create you site's files

  5. wait for your domain to propagate and your good to go.

This is possible, but you will also have to look into something called Port Forwarding. Normally outsiders can't go anywhere near your stuff, so your broadband prevents this, so you have to turn that off.

What you are essentially doing is giving the world free access to your computers filesystem - EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. Free hosting or very cheap hosting is FAR safer, because even these companies invest a fortune in expensive firewalls (which you simply cannot have). A little bit a year is well worth the world of problems you'll get by doing this.

Take my advice: NEVER do ANYTHING like this UNLESS youre Einstein.

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A lot of great advice on here. I'd like to reiterate the comments on XAMPP - you should never run a live site via XAMPP. Even they say it's for development rather than production.

Matt raises the point of shared hosting. You get what you pay for usually, but basic hosting is possible at a very reasonable price. Using a free FTP client like FileZilla updates your site in seconds. There are many advantages to allowing a host to take care of your site - this is especially true if you're not sure about what you're doing. Accepting advice from dodgy guys on a forum or "Ed's Home Hosting Advice" is a huge risk. You need to get very accurate information or your machine could be compromised. In addition, as patches (security etc) are released, you will need to apply them. If you're on holiday and your site goes down, you can't phone yourself to sort it out (there are remote server tools you can use though). So your work is never done as a "self-hoster". My 2p.

Thanks guys for your suggestion,as you guys suggest i am going for a webhosting ,it's true that technically i can't manage my webserver as webhosting companies can,so better go for a web hosting

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