a web developer.

My final goal is to offer 3-5 minute video tutorials online. When completed there will be at the very least a couple dozen tutorials, perhaps as many a hundred or two hundred.

My desire is for the website to have both a "free" version and a for fee version. The visitor should be able to slip back and forth between the free version and the fee version very quickly.

I would like to be able to do the video uploading from my own computer from a dvd that I will have made directly from a high resolution videotape master that I will create.

Once the main page/look has been created, I would like to be able to clone empty template versions of that page into which I would upload my new video tutorials and text.

The online videos cannot be of YouTube quality, they MUST NOT DROP any video frames, ever. The size of the video image can be You Tube Size, but with better resolution and no dropped video frames.

I live in the West San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, CA and would like to work with someone who lives near me so I don't have to pay for travel and mileage. I'm not being cheap, it's just that I have been self employed for a long time and have never charged my client's for travel and mileage. I'd rather work with someone who lives near me and won't be inconvenienced having to deal with LA traffic whenever they stop by.

All of my online video tutorials will be completed to the strictest S.M.P.T.E. video standards for both audio and video.

Pleae email if you are interested, or introduce yourself here if you like.

What you want to do sounds pretty simple. Don't think you need a web developer. Check out Joomla! tons of people in the community willing to help, plus millions of free (and commercial) templates available, not to mention the flash(avi) extensions to choose from.

Good luck and wish you all the best.