I found a posting that answers almost 100% of my question I had on how to automatically load a page after a flash has played (http://www.daniweb.com/forums/thread58872.html)

The answer said to "add the getURL action to the last keyframe of your movie". How do I find and navigate to the last keyframe of my movie - and when you say "movie" do you mean the Flash movie or my original AVI/FLV? For example, I have a 26 second .AVI that I encoded to FLV. I use "Import Video" in Macromedia Flash 8 to import this FLV and place it on the document.

So, my timeline has just 1 frame which plays the FLV. Inserting a keyframe at frame 2 and putting the getURL command on it does not work. I can insert a keyframe at frame 645 and the entire movie will play, there is a slight pause, and then the next page will automatically load. So, I know that I understand how to insert a keyframe and add the getURL action to it.

But - I am left with the original question. I want to know exactly where to place the getURL, no matter how long my AVI (FLV) is.

Thanks for any clarity you can provide.

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Import the flv into flash. Go to the last keyframe (in the timeline) and add the actionscript there...


The basics:

  • In the Timeline, a keyframe is a frame with a solid dot in it. A

  • keyframe is a frame where a change begins or ends.
  • To add a new keyframe: Insert menu > Timeline > Keyframe


  • Add a new layer in the Timeline. Name the layer “actions.”
  • Click the last frame in that layer and make a new keyframe (this will be at the end of the movie)
  • Open the Actions panel and add the script:getURL

Hope it helps

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