I found a posting that answers almost 100% of my question I had on how to automatically load a page after a flash has played (http://www.daniweb.com/forums/thread58872.html)

The answer said to "add the getURL action to the last keyframe of your movie". How do I find and navigate to the last keyframe of my movie - and when you say "movie" do you mean the Flash movie or my original AVI/FLV? For example, I have a 26 second .AVI that I encoded to FLV. I use "Import Video" in Macromedia Flash 8 to import this FLV and place it on the document.

So, my timeline has just 1 frame which plays the FLV. Inserting a keyframe at frame 2 and putting the getURL command on it does not work. I can insert a keyframe at frame 645 and the entire movie will play, there is a slight pause, and then the next page will automatically load. So, I know that I understand how to insert a keyframe and add the getURL action to it.

But - I am left with the original question. I want to know exactly where to place the getURL, no matter how long my AVI (FLV) is.

Thanks for any clarity you can provide.

Import the flv into flash. Go to the last keyframe (in the timeline) and add the actionscript there...


The basics:

  • In the Timeline, a keyframe is a frame with a solid dot in it. A

  • keyframe is a frame where a change begins or ends.
  • To add a new keyframe: Insert menu > Timeline > Keyframe


  • Add a new layer in the Timeline. Name the layer “actions.”
  • Click the last frame in that layer and make a new keyframe (this will be at the end of the movie)
  • Open the Actions panel and add the script:getURL

Hope it helps