Hi All,

A lil help please, I have a bluetooth dongle & plugged in ok, I can send files to my phone (samsung d840) without any problems, but when I try to send a picture to the computer my phone cannot find the computer...

In bluetooth devices/options I have checked the box 'allow bluetooth devices to find this computer' and also have checked the box 'allow bluetooth devices to connect to this computer'

Im running vista ultimate. & the vista firewall


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Dont worry ppl, downloaded the pc studio from samsung & it worked, must have been a driver issue

thanks for letting us know...

I had a similar problem, my BT dongle was defaulty presetup to not allow any not-secured connection. After a little settings tweak it worked. Not sure whether it is also your problem.

hay..... plz.check the Bluetooth sating our reinstall Bluetooth driver. i so solve the problem

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