Adobe has nailed its Android-coloured flag even more firmly to the wall than it had done before. The company hosted its so-called Android Conference yesterday in which it put forward the ways in which its software will be closely tied to the Google-owned operating system.

It's not all positive. Adobe Flash 10.1 relies on some heavily functional hardware; not every new Android phone will work with it. Adobe is also refusing to certify certain FroYo devices because the battery power is terrible. The company will be offering a new developers platform, called Flex.

All of which ties in with the news earlier today on this site that Android is a desirable platform to operate on because it's going to be the market leader. As connected devices are set to grow to 5bn this month according to IMS Research that's going to be quite a big market to play in.

Something that's been apparent in recent months - more than apparent - is that Apple and Adobe have fallen out, big time, and they're not going to kiss and make up anytime soon. People have been reading this as bad news for Adobe because Apple is frankly brilliant at marketing itself as the leader.

Indeed, as an individual manufacturer it's going to stay that way. But if you add up all the Android offerings there will be more of them, very quickly. You don't suppose - whisper it quietly - that after the sales figures and projections on Android, Adobe might not mind whether Apple comes back into the fold at all?