Are there any portable mp3 players which have the option of crossfading between songs (a la Winamp) as well as the ability to play songs with no break between them?

The latter feature would be helpful, for example, with techno mixed albums where all the songs are premixed together. If playing the album in the factory order (track one, track two, track three, etc.), it is disrupting for the portable mp3 player to pause in-between the tracks because on the original cd no pause was intended - the tracks are supposed to blend seamlessly together.

I feel both of these features are helpful to joggers who appreciate a continuous stream of music to keep our momentum going. Anyone know which players have both of these features?

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i havent heard of such a thing on an mp3 player..
maybe we can suggest that to the major mp3
makers.. :)

yeah suggest it to any mp3 makers on the market..right now what you can do is to use sound editor to accomplish what you want...

I'm hoping for a portable device with all the features of NCH's BMS software ( - including a sophisticated crossfade feature based on the volume of the tracks start and end) with the interface similar Mood Media MP7000 player as used for commercial purposes. With any hope someone at the MP3 player manufacturer companies will see this lol.

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