hi everyone, and this is me officially making my first post. came here looking for some code and ended up doing lots of reading :-)

anyways, im currently in computer programming and i use programs like netbeans, eclipse, visual studio, oracle (through a linux environment in vmware) and dreamweaver. right now im looking at getting myself a laptop although im not really sure where to go. my budget maxes out at 650 (CD) and there are too many options (from what i feel) when it comes to laptop choices.

1- will something like a pentium T4 series dual core processor do the job? or is it advisable to go for an i3?

2- i keep hearing bad stuff about toshiba and acer. is there any validity to something generally wrong with those two brands?

3- does amd have an overheating issue?

all in all, what i want is a laptop that will eat anything i throw at it when it comes to the above programs (minimum or no stalling and such) and a decent display. (and a fan that won't drive me up the wall with its loud humming everytime i do something on the laptop). yeh, i guess im a bit picky. :P

Well, I would recommend Sony Vaio VPC-EB-15-FA[Vaio EB Series] as its a really nice laptop with lots of stuff in quite reasonable price.

It also has a sensitive touchpad, comfortable keyboard and good speakers. The battery life how ever is around 2-2.5 hours of normal usage.

The Config is:

core i3-330M
Win 7 Home Premium
320 GB Hard Disk
ATI 5470 Graphics Card

Have been using it for around a month and every thing is working super fine. :)

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