i still confuse about web cam and how to use it, especially to make it as an objects identifier which connect to PC or microcontroller :rolleyes: would u give an explanation or some refference?

Are you having problems interfacing the webcam to the computer? If so, this is where you want to be. Please elaborate if it's an installation problem, if it's related to the software, or if it's you're receiving errors.

However, it sounds like you are asking a programming question on how to interface with a webcam in order to write recognition software. If this is the case, you are in the wrong area since this forum is about hardware troubleshooting rather than programming. If your question is programming-based, you'd want to start by posting a more detailed question in the appropriate sub-forum of the Software Dev forum. I don't know if anyone there is familiar with such specific topics.

If you are looking for a source of more information on the topic, look at generation5. It's a site that is all about Artificial Intelligence research, theories, and programming. This field also includes Machine Vision.