I have a peculiar problem with my Compaq Presario 2100 laptop. Its as if a random Key on the machine is permanently pressed, and if I open a program like Word, that key automatically generates characters.

I thought it was some dirt or foreign material in the keyboard and vacumed it remove whatever dust there was, but it hasnt solved the problem. sometimes it is the s key, sometimes it is "l", sometimes forward slash.

Can anyone help? Is this software related or is it a hardware issue? Thanks.


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hey shabbar sounds like a hardware problem to me (its a pretty weird virus if its software) I'd sugest you test if its your keybord or not, but first off is your laptop still under warrenty because the only way i can think of testing the hardware would void a warrenty and while ive done simmilar things befor and got away with it id never advise someoneelse to breach their warrenty if its still good, if it is id say take it back where you got it and let them sort it.

if not then get another keybord (any model aslong as it connects to your laptop) then google 'prissario dissmantelment' if thats not got a good enough step by step guide(to taking your laptop apart) try adding your model, you want to take the keybord that comes with the laptop out (you dont have to remove it just unclip the serial feed (cable) that goes from the keybord into the motherbord.

word of warning 1 ground yourself and the project before you start work on anything electronic by touching somthing metal thats connected to the floor (metal door handel) and 2 keep track of what you do id advise videoing it if you can then you have a nice step by step of how to put your laptop back together.

attach the second keybord through the auxillary port (generally green, round and on the side or back of the outercassing) and fire it up, by doing this (unpluging the original keybord and using a second) you can see if its the hardware. If it is you might need a new keybord if not its probably software back everything you want to keep up on a external or seperate system and reinstall stuff. or you could get anti virus software or even look for specific advice on how to hunt the virus yourself.

more details would be great what programs have this problem, when did it first occour, is there anything you did unusual around the time the problem started, how often does it happen

info on the problem and how your getting on would be great thanks

This has happened to me when I spilled water on my keyboard. It caused some of the carbon on the key contact to run and short out, resulting in repeating keys and/or the wrong key being detected. I had to replace the keyboard.

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