i was just wondering what are some of the best android applications.i have a huawei ideos and im new to android.

For apps, try evernote it is a very good app. For games there are classical games like angry birds, fruit ninja or ninjump.

Get Google Goggles. If your phone has GPS get Compass, a nice app. Get a file manager, I use ES File Explorer.

Google Sky Maps is a nice app if you are interested in stars and stuff. A pretty cool app even if you are not.

Get twitter, facebook for android, if you are of the social networking type.

To use android market first create a google mail. Good luck

There are many great apps out there, are you looking for any particular types of apps?

For travel I recommend TripCase. Lookout it a great security program, they have a free and premium version, the premium version features remote wipe and lock. Astro to access the files and items stored on my micro sd card.

These are just a few of the many apps that I use. AppJudgement on Revision3.com is a great show that reviews mobile applications for multiple smart phones.

Hope this helps.

Free :
--- Games ---
0. Angry Birds
1. Angry Birds Seasons
2. Angry Birds Rio
3. Pool Master Pro
4. Robotek
5. Words Free
6. Gem Miner

--- Social Networking ---

0. Foursquare
1. Facebook for Android
2. Twitter for Android
3. Tweetdeck ( Combo of Facebook and Twitter, posts to both in one app.)
4. Justin.tv
5. Skype
6. textPlus ( If you don't have texting but have data - textPlus is the way to go.)

--- Entertainment/Miscellaneous ---

0. 1 Million Wallpapers
1. Comic Strips
2. Dolphin Browser HD
3. SC2 Casts

--- Google's Stuff ---

0. Google Maps (Also installs Navigation,Places,Latitude,Maps.)
1. Google Goggles
2. Google Sky Map


--- Games ---
0.Doodle Jump
1. Doodle God
2. Fruit Ninja
3. Flight Control


For games you can try Inotia 3. It is a free game and awesome too. Sorry about posting in an old thread myself too.

If you want free games. Android marker has a separate category for it. Under the category Top Free. You can see the top free games.

Can anyone advise on the issue (maybe you've faced it as well) - I am not able to create or log in the google account via my android :( All the time the system says that there are temperory problems ..and it lasts for several months already..

Can you start a new thread of your own.