Hey All,

I purchased an HP Ipaq RX3115 from my friend for 20$, However, the screen is cracked and costs about 160$ off of ebay. I was wondering if it is possible to take the screen out of a similar model and put it in my RX3115. I was told that you could by another friend and I have also read it online but would to confirm it before I purchase another broken Ipaq.


it should be the exact same model.

Personally, I wouldn't fool with it. I'm currently sitting on an iPaq 3675 with a cracked screen. It's a pain in the arse to get the digitizer and everything properly installed, and you need to do it in a dust-free environment.

...And guess what? The LCD replacement cost hasn't changed in 3 years. When I first wanted to change it out, they said it would cost $180. I check other sources, now, and it's still about that same price.

To do it right, check these guys out:

They do everything from RAM upgrades and screen replacements. They have a good reputation, and they have a clean room they do the stuff in.