Having used the final retail version of the new iPad earlier today, and as an owner of an iPad 2; first impressions I'd have to be honest and say I would struggle to distinguish the two if asked based on appearances only.

It releases tomorrow at the same price points previously used for the iPad 2, which may heighten its appeal.

With some stores believed to be receiving between 25-50% of the units that would need to fulfil anticipated sales it could be an interesting day.

For those that haven't yet held the final version, it is slightly thicker than the iPad 2 and the sides are slightly more curved. Although it's only slightly thicker, it is noticeable.

Whether it was just the lighting in the office or whether they've modified the lens I'm not sure, but the front camera did appear to have more of a blue tint than my iPad 2.

Although there have been rumours of it being released with an infamous 'iOS6', the one I had was still running standard iOS5.1

The screen was most certainly clearer; the colours did also appear more vibrant and lifelike and really came into its own when the camera was used.

Although I was aware of the internal changes; and the screen aside, I couldn't see that much of a difference.

I know there has been all sorts of hype and excitement since the announcement, but I can't help but feel it's a little unfounded especially when little has been change.

But ultimately that's my opinion, and given that it has a fruit logo on the rear it's likely to be a hit regardless.

dij_0983 commented: the new one's nice +1

Still no experience with the new iPad, but the resolution seems to be great! Will make sure to check it out as soon as possible.

My wife bought one this weekend, but she won't let me within a half-mile of it! She loves it, though after downloading less than 1/2 of her iTunes account to it, there is less than 1/2 of the disc space left... :lol: The resolution is phenominal, and it is incredibly responsive to the touch interface. Needless to say, she is an Apple fan-girl - iPhone (her second, a 3GS - she'd contemplating getting a new 4s), 2 17" Macbook Pros (an old G4 and new i7 system), and now the latest iPad... Me, I'm a Linux/Android fan - I refuse to pay the Apple Tax. I have an Android Nexus One phone, run Linux on my laptops and workstations, and do serious Linux development for a tier-one mobile phone manufacturer.

Still no experience with the new iPad, but the resolution seems to be great! Will make sure to check it out as soon as possible.

I really think that no one can beat apple in quality.So if they are giving quality so it's gonna be expensive for sure...

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