Has anyone, does anyone, use Inkseine? It's a perfect blend between Journal and OneNote, with a bit more. If so, does it do web searches for you? The computer search works brilliantly, but the Web searches are just a never-ending "Querying...".

Yes, I knew this, but thanks for the info all the same, and for being so quick to reply.

The thing is that Inkseine is supposed to allow you to do Web searches from within Inkseine itself, and frustratingly this isn't happening for me.

I believe you have to link it to Bing or similar via its configuration options. I cannot verify this as I don't use it.

You are asking for Up-Votes in your signature. If you keep on guessing in technical matters just for the vote count you may find that people will become wise to this and either disregard your comments as guesses, or feel more inclined to down-vote you because you are offering unhelpful guesses on matters they are spending time and/or money on.

I'm sorry, this was a very wrong reaction on my part. Nobody has asked me to apologise, I want to do this in recognition of my serious error in judgement. Please accept my apology, I'm very sorry.

Noted. I was merely clarifying what the app was used for as some readers may actually desire such info.
My conspicuous self-promotional solicitation in my signature has been withdrawn.

Thank you very much for understanding. My comment was foolishly humiliating. I have a particular health issue and sometimes I become stupidly riled when I'm not managing it so well.

Understandable. Been there myself. It's easy to become irritated sometimes while ill health is nagging at you.

cheers mate

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