Hello Community,
I've been thinking about buying a phone I've chosen these phones to choose from:

The funny thing is currently I don't have a mobile phone so I'm not sure what is a good phone and what isn't; the thing is I don't really go anywhere to need a phone, I know what you'll be thinking "Why don't you just buy a basic phone?" but the thing is if I'm getting something I want a "good something" in this case I don't wont a basic phone because I really like cool smart phones etc... also I'm not sure how Windows Phone 8 is all I know it there are way more apps for Android so that is the only thing that would make me want an Android phone more but still I kind of like to try new things.

So what phone should I buy? or what phone would you buy if you where me?

(Optional) Why?

Also if you have anyother phone suggestion please list them.

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I've recently used many of the Nokia Lumias and they're really great devices. Easy to use, configure and very strong! (I'm clumbsy and they survived).

I would also recommend the HTC One X+ it's a great phone and my current device, android OS too which is the cherry on top. I'm kind of gutten to be honest, I got the X+ and then found out about the One. HTC One is a beautiful device - it's a full metal body lasered out of a single block; so stong! Great OS, durable and easy to use.

Here's a good review: http://www.anandtech.com/show/6747/htc-one-review

Thanks for the suggestion but there is no way I'm spending over $500 on a phone that I wouldn't even use that much. Now if I always needed a phone and I use them all the time them I would maybe consider buying it.

no point in even considering buying a smart phone if you don't plan on using it very often ,to get full use out of it you would need a cell package with data and they are not cheap ,so in my opinion ,just a wast of your money to even be consitering buying a smart phone .most of the phones in your link are 400 dollars
the price of the first phone in you list ,is based on a 2 year contract with the seller ,and all kinds of conditions .

*All costs calculated on connection to 24 month Telstra plans and exclude usage charges. Early termination charges apply. Approved customer only and ID required.
Not available with other Telstra offers. No trade sales. Ask us for further details.

I knew someone would say that, that is why I said above I know it would be a waste but if I'm getting a phone I want a cool phone. Not a crappy basic phone. The thing is anyway I'm the kind of person that if I see something that I get attaches to I really want it currently my heart is set on getting the LG Nexus 4.

But don't worry I even know it is a waste buying a $400 phone that I'm only going to use once in a blue moon. The only time I'd need a phone is when I'm going out, or when I actually get a job. I don't go to school anymore but even then no way in hell would I even bring a $400 phone to school where there are scum bages that would just pick pocket it. But that a whole other story.

Disclaimer: I work in the Nokia Mobile Phones division as Senior Systems/Performance Engineer.

  1. I own a Google Nexus One Android phone (personal - gift from Google). I like it, but it is getting old.
  2. I have 3 Nokia phones - one is my main phone, a Lumia 920, one is my previous main phone, a Lumia 900, and the other is a Series 40 "feature" phone for R&D purposes. I also had an N8 phone, but it broke and is now only a WiFi-enabled smart camera that I have "lent" to my sister-in-law who is a professional animation artist and teacher/professor. As a camera, it is quite stunning! :-)

Nokia has some great low-end smart phones with good cameras and a lot of features. Ditto Android phones. Go to the various cell phone stores in your area, and play with them until you find one that fits your budget and needs. Don't pay attention to the sales people - they have their quotas and high-margin devices to flog. If you want to wait, and an awesome camera is your desire, then wait until you can get the new 1020 Lumia phone. Its camera and microphones (for still, video, and audio) are at least a generation ahead of anything else on the market - and it is thinner/lighter than my 920. Here is a review from TheReg: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2013/07/15/nokia_lumia_1020_technical_walkthrough/

BTW, when my sister-in-law read the review, her email response to me was (as in Doctor Who) "It's bigger on the inside!" ... :-) And then "I want one!".

dont take it personal , you don't need a phone ,you said that yourself,so don't wast money just to keep up with the jones's when you go out ,your not even working !! you sound like my Daughter still in university and working part-time ,and has a I-phone , she bought out her BlackBerry contract and got the i-phone[different carrier ] ,now shes cool ,and to save her credit rating im out $340.00 for the blackberry ,now at 60 i look cool ,lol
bye bye flip phone

@rubberman I really want to get the Samsung ATIV S but I not 100% faund of Windows Phone 8 apps, the store looks like it has the smallest basic apps which is why I'm hesitant about getting a Windows Phone.

@caperjack Once again, even I know it's a waste but at least if I get a good phone now. Down the track when I do have a job I won't have to buy a better phone. So I can buy a good phone now and save some money down the track; I guess.


Lol I don't remember posting "OK".

I basically love Google Nexus 4. It gives me a great pleasure while operating though it varies user to user.

The thing about phone tech these days is if you wait a week, a bunch of really great new cruft comes on the market! :-)

I agree that the Windows phone app market place is not as vibrant as the iPhone and Android ones, but the basic stuff is there, and the mapping and navigation apps are second to none, and completely free. I was able to navigate my way to a little out-of-the-way hotel in Puebla Mexico, and it guided me directly to the front door of the place, and handled all the 1-way streets correctly. Because you can download the maps directly to the phone, it will still navigate correctly even when you are out of cell tower range, which Google Maps cannot do yet (though I understand they are working on that).

The thing is if I wanted to find my way arround somewhere I would just buy a GPS. So the navigation system doesn't fuss me weather it's good or not.

What is it you want from a phone? most smart phones come with a built in GPS or at least an app that you can download, if it comes built in why not have it? it saves handing over more money for a seperate GPS...

I've just bought the Nokia Lumia 520 which I should hopfully get my hands on today. It's a Windows 8 phone and it's only £120 to buy with no sim car or contract.

It's the Lumia 925's little brother (or sister) so it's not a hight end hand-set. On the other hand it's not a piece of crap either. It has a camera, It's Windows 8 OS, because it's part of the lumia series it has the built in GPS that lets you download maps and use them offline so using the GPS doesn't eat into your data usage. It's also got the free Nokia music app that lets to listen to as much music as you want for free (as long as you have WiFi or data) because it's a lumia.

I know you're from OZ but have a look at this review of it.

Well the thing is I don't care for gaming on a phone because I have a tablet or Playstation for that.

The main thing I would use the phone for is a portable router, developing websites on the go.

I really like Windows 8 but the only thing... really the only thing is the lack of apps the store has to offer, which I why I like android a whole lot more. Because everything I need the android store has.

The more people that buy a Windows phone the more developers will developers will develop for it. There are more apps out for the Wondows 8 phones than there was for the 7. how about the Galaxy S4?

The thing is I want to spend enought money for me not to get s crap phone that will stuff up with in the first year example my mum brought a $100 phone and it started stuffing up within the first year. Plus I would like a phone with a lot of space.

If you are looking for android phone then currently XOLO Q1000 is the best one in the 20 k range with fully loaded with all the latest feature.

I would prefer you to buy the nexus 4 which is very good smart phone and specially designed for android users but the main disadvantage is that it does not support Microsd card but the over all performance is very impressive with 2 gb of ram and android 4.3 prloaded

I think samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung galaxy S4 both are also good smartphones and it includes all latest features, so i suggest you to buy anyone between this.

I would take Nokia Lumia.

I bought a Galaxy Note3 the other day. Pretty pricy but pretty nice too. Nice big clear screen that's good on my old eyes. This is my first smartphone -- it's a little like moving up from horse & buggy to a Ferrari :)

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