Hello, I have brought Samsung Duos mobile. This is my first android phone. I have some cousins living abroad and I want to call them from my mobile. My mobile carriers charges a lot for international calls. So, I was checking cheap international calling and found chattimeapps.com

I never installed any apps on any mobile and you can say I am completely nobish on these things. So, I need your help. How to install chattimeapps? If anything goes wrong while installing process then is there any chance my mobile will be hanged or something?

Here is the android version of that app: http://goo.gl/GUOp6
Here is the iOS version of that app: http://goo.gl/1XtR9

I am waiting for your reply.

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please try using watsap as a message app
but for voice calls i don't any as per know but i will keep u posted in case i gt one


Thanks for your reply, wousobozi. I will check that app you mentioned.


You can install viber apps. It's good for voice calls and It's completely free.



I think there are plenty of free software which will help you in calling & Messaging Abroad friends.

Skype for Vedio calling / messaging

These all works pretty good on Samsung mobiles


kubbie, I have heard some bad reviews about viber apps. I am not sure about viber. Do you know if they have updated their app recently?

Please let me know your feedback on viber. Thanks


kubbie & jimmyparker, thanks for your comments.

jimmyparker, from your mentioned app, can I call someone if they don't have your mentioned apps installed in mobile? I think if I want to call someone directly to his mobile from skype then I must have skype credit ($$)

Comparing skype with chattimeapp, I think chattimeapp is cheaper.

Please let me know your feedback. Thanks

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