I've been reading a lot of books on neuroscience and things of that nature and I was wondering if I could integrate a medical dictionary into my Kindle just like the regular dictionary it already has. I know this sounds like an odd question but I have been looking for an answer to this question for a long time and XDA was zero help so I figured the best place would be daniweb.com. Thank you in advance.

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Well, the Kindle is basically an Android device, though I'm not sure if it supports the Android Store, which probably has something like what you are looking for. FWIW, I have found a bunch of neuroscience dictionaries on Amazon, some of which have Kindle versions. The $64 question is whether or not you can integrate them into the general operation of the device, such as when you are creating/editing a document and need to do spell-checking, etc. Don't know... :-(

Thank you rubberman. I'm hoping there is an application on the Android Market (now Google Play Store) that does what I'm hoping to do. I figured there would be a way to do this through ADB or something because this involved the OS itself. However, if there is an application, I can probably internet it, I can probably find a way to get it onto my Kindle through ADB. Again, thank you.

Is it ????? really going to happen????

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