I hope this hasn't been addressed elswhere. I looked but couldn't find anything. I have 2 Toshiba Satellite laptops. 1 is a L455-S5980 and the other is a c855-S5214. They both have SATA hard drives. The L455 has a broken screen and the c855 has a bad hard drive so I swapped the hard drives hoping that I could install a new copy of Windows on the c855. When I booted the c855 it didn't see the new hard drive in the BIOS. I swapped them back and the c855 saw it's old, broken hard drive just fine. Are these hard drives specific to the individual laptop ? I tried to use WIPEDRIVE to check the c855 hard drive but after it showed over 500 sector errors and wasn't even half way finished checking, I decided it was a waste of time to continue. That is when I thought it would be a good idea to swap the 2 HDD's. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm trying to do this without buying a brand new hard drive but it looks like I may have to, after all

Spend 5 bucks on a usb sata adapter. Hook it up to a working machine. Dowload "hard disk sentinnel pro" the free trial and scan ur usb sata in question. If more than 75% life is on the drive, go a ahead and format and partition.
Install it on any desired laptop and boot from os-disc or os-usb to clean install ur windows.
Any sata hd is compatible with any laptop.